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Your rights when being made redundant
Benefits you may be able to claim if you cannot find another job
Redundancy pay, how it is worked out, and how it affects your future tax

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Redundancy Rights Gov UK

Last Updated 26th October 2018

If you’re being made redundant, you might be eligible for certain rights

You must be selected for redundancy in a fair way, eg because of your level of experience or capability

You can’t be selected because of age, gender, or if you’re disabled or pregnant

Click here to visit Gov UK- Your rights


Coping With Money Worries NHS

Last Updated 26th October 2018

Job insecurity, redundancy, debt & financial problems can all cause emotional distress

David Richards, professor of mental health services research explains how can affect your wellbeing

He also offers lifestyle tips to help you out of a slump & advice on when to seek medical help

Click here to visit NHS – Coping with money worries


Leaving your job

Last Updated 26th October 2018

Check if your dismissal is unfair, Check if your employer’s dismissal process is unfair

Challenge your dismissal, Claiming constructive dismissal

Your notice period during dismissal, After you’ve been dismissed


Click here to visit Citizens Advice – Leaving your job