The following links will provide you with help and information on:

Seeking immediate advice to claim unfair dismissal
Advice for dispute resolution or compensation claims
Claiming redundancy after a layoff or short time working

directs you to the most up to date help and support

Problems at work

Last Updated 4th July 2018

If you have a problem at work, these pages will help you understand how to tackle it

what to do at each stage, whether you’re sorting things out informally,

taking out a grievance or making a claim to an employment tribunal.

Click here to visit Citizens Advice – Problems at work


Employment Solicitors Law and Legal

Last Updated 17th June 2018

Get help and advice for dispute resolution or compensation claims and guidance on legislation

Find general practices or expert advisors and specialists in the field of employment law

Ssome of whom work on a no win no fee basis for certain types of case

Click here to visit Law & Legal – Herefordshire Employment Solicitors