The following links will provide you with help and information on:

Getting advice and support if you have experienced any kind of mental or physical abuse
Helplines you can call offering essential 24 hour support
If you are worried or frightened by your partner or ex-partner, a family member or someone close to you

directs you to the most up to date help and support

Sexual Assault – NHS

Last Updated 26th October 2018

A sexual assault is any sexual act that a person did not consent to, or is forced into against their will

Consider getting medical help as soon as possible, because you may be at risk of pregnancy or STIs

If you want the crime to be investigated, the sooner a forensic medical examination takes place, the better

Click here to visit NHS – Sexual Assault


Advice and Support – Disrespect NOBODY

Last Updated 26th October 2018

Get advice and support if you’re worried about any kind of relationship abuse

Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone. It’s not normal, it’s never OK

Read up on the different types of abuse, get advice and have a look at the organisations that can help

Click here to visit Disrespect NOBODY – Advice and Support


Getting HELP! Rape Crisis England and Wales

Last Updated 26th October 2018

If something has just happened and you’re looking for some information quickly, click here

Freephone 0808 802 9999 12-2.30pm and 7-9.30pm every day, and 3-5.30pm weekdays

Or find details of local Rape Crisis helplines and services near you

Click here to visit Welcome To Herefordshire – What is domestic violence?


24/7 – 356 Abuse Helpline Womens Aid

Last Updated 17th June 2018

Do you want to talk to someone in confidence about the abuse that you are experiencing?

Are you worried about a friend or relative and don’t know how to help them?

The helpline is available 24hrs offering support, safety planning, information and advice

Click here to visit Women’s Aid Herefordshire – Abuse Helpline