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Budgeting advice to help deal with the bailiff debt
Communicating with collection agencies and knowing your rights
What bailiffs can and can’t do, and what bailiffs can’t take

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Bailiff Help and Advice StepChange

Last Updated 26th October 2018

Bailiffs in England & Wales are now known as Enforcement Agents

They have the legal power to remove and sell your goods to pay a debt

We highlight what bailiffs can and can’t do and what bailiffs can take when they visit

Click here to visit StepChange – Information about Bailiffs


Bailiff or DCA Threatens Money Saving Expert

Last Updated 26th October 2018

A Bailiff can only get involved when you have been taken to court about your debt

Remember, Bailiffs / DCA’s are highly regulated and cannot bully or intimidate

Whatever you do, do not give in to their threats

Click here to visit MSE – Dealing with bailiffs threats