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Explaining the ESA50 form and the ESA assessment
How to fill in the ESA50 form correctly
General tips regarding ESA criteria and the assessment process

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Filling In The ESA50 Form Citizens Advice

Last Updated 26th October 2018

Your ESA50 form tells the DWP about your illness or disability and how it affects your ability to work

It’s a really important part of your application because it’s your chance to show why your illness

a health condition or disability means you should get ESA

Click here to visit Citizens Advice – Filling in the ESA50 form


What is an ESA50 form? Benefits & Work

Last Updated 26th October 2018

The ESA50 questionnaire is sent to most people who make a claim for ESA.

The form should be completed with great care as it can make a big difference

Apart from our guides, you may be able to get help from a citizens advice or a similar advice agency

Click here to visit Benefits & Work – What is an ESA50 form?


Tips on filling out ESA50 Savvy Women

Last Updated 26th October 2018

If you’re applying for ESA, you’ll have to fill in an ESA50 form if you’re asked to do a work capability assessment

Many people who’ve contacted SavvyWoman about ESA problems have found the form rather daunting

Click here to visit Savvy Women – Tips on filling out ESA50


General tips for the ESA50 The National Autistic Society

Last Updated 26th October 2018

As part of the assessment forESA, you will be asked to complete the ESA50

This information is intended to be used along side our information about ESA criteria and the ESA assessment process.

Here we use the term ‘autism’ to include all of the autism spectrum, including Asperger syndrome

Click here to visit National Autistic Society – General tips for the ESA50